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The 911 Carpet Cleaning Experts is a new family business in Salt Lake City County, Utah with 18 years of experience committed to help many individuals and businesses to throughly do clean carpets, upholstery, floors, and general janitorial to keep their cleaning. The cost of replacing equipment you use daily can be overwhelming and especially for home or small businesses like yours but at  911 Carpet Cleaning Experts we are determined to clean up your place of home or work professionally and at an affordable price.


Your carpets accumulate countless amounts of microbes including dust mites and bacteria. It is truly crucial to maintain your carpets clean not only to stimulate better health, but also to get your home much and better cleaner look.
On arrival, our professionals start with a comprehensive examination of your carpet then will determine any areas that require stain removal, discover heavy soiling or existing in ground smells that require deodorizing. We take all factors when we provide a carpet quote and present you a full overview of the outcomes you can expect to see. Our highly skilled staff will properly steam clean and eliminate any stains to make sure that your carpets keep their authentic beauty.
By using our latest technology Sapphire Scientific 570 SS Truckmount machines , hot water combined with cleaning solutions is then inserted to the carpet applying extraordinarily high pressure. Since the solution is gathered, the stains are removed. This hot water removal technique is often known as steam cleaning and is recommended by virtually every carpet manufacturer for deep fiber cleaning and try our best to refresh your carpet and faster drying times.  That’s why you can trust  911 Carpet Cleaning Experts to provide high-quality services that keep your home looking very beautiful.
We happily serve residential and commercial clients in Salt Lake City county and surrounding districts areas.



911 Carpet Cleaning Expertshelps restore the beauty and extend the life of your furniture, all fabrics are treated prior to clean to ensure better results, is a tricky process which is best handled by specially qualified professional cleaners.
Most upholstery found around the home or office are made of delicate materials and fabrics which don’t tolerate conventional cleaning, and will likely be damaged quite easily by aggressive or inappropriate cleaning attempts. Upholsteries are not only exposed to a generous amount of dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria, but they are also in almost daily contact with the human body. Constant contact with the human body means the upholstery will also be exposed to hairs, dead skin cells, body oils and body odors which can really make the upholstery unpleasant to the eye, and to the touch. Upholsteries even when they seem in relatively good shape, usually they require specialized detailed cleaning, the average upholstery sees a lot of daily use is much like the carpet.
911 Carpet Cleaning Experts in Salt Lake City is the most efficient and affordable way to keep your furniture non-leather upholsteries looking better and feeling fresher for longer.



Our powerful professional systems for tile and grout cleaning achieves a deep down clean, we use either a safe fast acting floor stripper or the latest high pressure steam cleaning and extraction machines and specialty cleaners to remove grime, heavily soiled areas, dirt and bacteria from your tile & grout that sits between your tiles.
In 911 Carpet Cleaning Experts our technician can provide further advice on how to maintain your floor and how often the floor will require stripping and resealing.
We happily serve residential and commercial clients in Salt Lake City and surrounding districts areas.



Accidents happen and pets are part of the family but you're struck with visions of cleaning and cleaning but never getting rid of the stain and smell and even if you do manage a thorough clean-up, you worry that your pet has developed a new bathroom habit that will be impossible to break and then your pets decides that your new carpet is the perfect place to relieve himself. Call911 Carpet Cleaning Expertsas they professionally treat your Pets Odors and all kinds of stains and remove the same at the same time as protecting your upholstery too. By using our latest technology equipment and the high quality chemicals for stain removers and odors control we can provide the best result to help you to get rid of those embarrassing stains and urine odors once and for all get your home smelling fresh and clean again.

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